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Wednesday, August 23rd 2017 10:48 am
January 7 2017 I took the 1st time home buyers program didn't not knowing a thing all I no is I wanted to get off sec 8 tampa housing I wanted to own my own home so after taken the 8 hr class I learned that you can earn up to 15,000 in opening n closing coast if u stay in hillsborough county n 7500 if your outside hillsborough county that was just for taking the class I also learn that my credit was not were i wanted it to be so I started reaching out to different credit repairs to help me mind you I only have until AUGUST 30th 2017 to be out n off sec 8 so I started working hard I was pointed to this one credit repair n she was just the sweetest thing I ever meet because of so many scams and some of the videos they show u in class show u how easy it is to get ripped off so I asked to meet face to face and she said no problem but u no we can do this over the phone n email I said yes but I'm so afraid of losing my money she said cool we meet up for lunch showed her were I stand with credit she told me my score was a 649 and that I didn't need credit repair I needed credit coaching she took payment n pointed me in the direction of a great realtor spoke with realtor the next day my realtor sent me to van dyke mortgage which was my lender got pre approved call realtor and told her let's go shopping my journey started May 23 2017 of house shopping kept telling my realtor I didn't want to live in hillsborough county anymore I wanted to go far a hour away just kept saying spring hill area for some reason but she just kept search in hillsborough county now it's July I'm at the end of time still haven't meet my realtor started to my own research n reaching out to different people who was going threw or been threw home owning any who after reaching out talking to different people I started to learn the process n how things worked it was lots of sleep less nights some nights I'm up until 4 am just searching because now I'm worried that I may not find something in time I have 5 kids a 9 yr old a 6 yr old n three 4 yr old n I don't no anyone who would open the doors for me n my family so I would go looking everyday mind you I still haven't meet my realtor so this one day I said I give up I don't care anymore ima just keep my sec 8 and keep saving but then my phone started vibrantin so I picked it up and out of no were there's this house so I pinched myself to see if i was dreaming it hurted so it was real then I called the number n left message a hour later I get a returned phone call sayin hay let's meet up I was like ok so I got my kids dressed and we hit the road now me not knowing she was a realtor who contacted me back within the hour I called 1pm she called back 2pm we got there 4 PM and she already had 3 homes lined up for me to see the 1st two homes was beautiful but then she said I saved the best for last but we gotta go now because the owners have another showing at 6PM i said let's go lol we get there and I'm like ok I like but when she took me inside it was amazing I fell in love right then and there I told her I wanted it this one is minds I came back the next day to let the kids out and see what they think and they was in haven so we came back the next day to make sure the feeling was still there and from that day I feel ms danielle went above and beyond for me and my family we had lights water cable set up showed me were the shopping center are good eating places all in one spot ms danielle showed me how to set up for the inspectors pest control and how to get all the pipeline flushing showed me all the schools even put in a good word for me for work Aug 16th 2017 we closed on our new home 4 bedrooms two baths with spa tub walk in showers we is just in love. A week later we moved in we was moving so fast we lost keys to home and had to call ms danielle and let me tell you she had lock smith on hand and they was there 20 mins later and only took two mins to get in I said all that just say thank you for all you have done u have been amazing to me and my family thank you for taken the stress away I was able to sleep n slept like a baby our 1st night thank you for making us feel safe I love my new county
Jaquida C.
Listings by Danielle Chechile
0 Oakcrest Circle
0 Oakcrest Circle
  1. Price: $49,900
  2. Days On Market: 80
  3. Acreage: 1.02 acres
  4. Pool: No
  5. Waterfront: No
  6. Year Built: Not Available
MLS#: 2192103
  1. County: HERNANDO
  2. City: Spring Hill
  3. Zipcode: 34604
  4. Subdivision: Oakwood Acres
  5. Elementary School: Pine Grove
  6. Middle School: West Hernando
  7. High School: Nature Coast
  8. Provided by: Tropic Shores Realty LLC
This Beautiful Lot is Located in Oakwood Acres Subdivision. With a Little Over an Acre, there is Plenty of Room to Build Your Dream Home! Oakwood Acres is a Sought After Equestrian Community, Close to [Read More]
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