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Dominic Korinis
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  • Counties Serviced: Citrus, Hernando, Marion, Pasco
What others are saying about Dominic Korinis
birgit monika S.
Tuesday, July 10th 2018 8:55 pm
I met Dominic Korinis last month (June 2018) through Home Advisor when I needed a home inspection done for a house in Spring Hill, but unfortunately the contract didn't go through because of the seller not revealing important information on the home. I was heartbroken. I chose Dominic to be my Realtor since he told me he works for Tropic Shores Realty. I told him my heartbreaking story of how I was struggling and going through so much hardship, etc., plus I had so many Realtors from different real estate companies who couldn't get me a single family home, but Dominic could. I can't thank Dominic enough for all the hard work and everything he has done to get me a gorgeous home in the Pasco area, since Spring Hill wasn't meant to be. If any buyer out there is looking for a home, please choose Dominic and you will be very happy that you did. He won't steer you wrong. He is a rock star Realtor, is kind, supportive, and looks out for your best interests at heart. I was a nervous wreck before the closing and Dominic reassured me that everything would be ok. So glad I chose Dominic as my Realtor.
Birgit Monika S.
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