Why do our Agents love Tropic Shores Realty?

           I have been in real estate almost 14 years now.The first three were with a franchise of one of the national chains. It was a good place to start and get a feel for the business, but that's about it. The various commission schedules and office rules did little to create an enjoyable work environment.        

     At Tropic Shores Realty, Jim and Linda Tacy make you feel like family, not a corporate employee. They want to see you succeed and the feeling is mutual. The commission structure is simple and clear for EVERYONE (you keep nearly all of it). The work rules allow you to run your business as you see fit, and the support you get is tremendous. This creates a wonderfulwork environment which enables you to be as successful as YOU want to be. For me, there is no other real estate company I would want to be a part of.

Dennis Esposito &ndash Tropic Shores Realtor Since 2007

     When I joined Tropic Shores Realty more than 9 years ago, I was looking for a broker who would be supportive but also allow me to conduct and grow my business without corporate constraints.  Tropic Shores Realty offers everything I need in order to serve my customers in a pleasant and comfortable environment with meeting rooms, computers, copiers and scanners, and with a full-time managing broker on staff in addition to our broker, Jim Tacy.  Even during challenging times in the real estate market, all of this has contributed to a great five years!  Thank you Tropic Shores Realty! 


    WOW! I can't say enough about this company and I finally feel like I am home and I don't know how I got so lucky! I am left alone to do my own thing and yet the management, staff, and broker are always there when I need them and very responsive. The commission structure is awesome and allows me to finally have the money I need to pay for the education I deserve (plus a whole lot more).  They have all the bases covered and all their ducks in a row and I don't have one complaint NOT ONE!   I am thinking hard &...  NO NOT ONE!


    Working for a company like Tropic Shores is a dream come true for a veteran Realtor such as myself.  The commission is structured so that you really aren't paying a broker to work for him & the office personnel are fantastic. If you need assistance, or, a question answered on a timely basis someone is always there for you, nearly 24/7.  Having flexible time, knowing that I don't have to go to meetings every week unless I care to participate is really valuable to me.I can be more productive with this time.
Thanks Jim, Linda, Stacey, and Andrew!
Kathy Santo

     Love it, Love it, Love it. The staff is great & the agents are always helping each other! Tropic Shores has a great open door policy day or night from the broker and manager. It is a Fun place to work. Jim, Andrew, & Linda really really care.

     My name is Elsie Kempsey and I have been with Tropic Shores for seven years.  Julie Ludovico and I teamed up about six years ago.  Our experience has been very satisfying.  If you are an agent that is willing to put in the time, Tropic Shores will definitely be a great pay off.  Someone said to me when I was thinking of changing from another company, that this is a no brainer.  With 100% commission (and it is truly 100% after the first deal of the month) and a $69.00 monthly fee, how can you beat it? 
     Jim Tacy is just so easy to work with and that is what we were looking for.  We have busy schedules and did not want to be told what we have to do.  We are independent agents and if we need Jim, he is there.  Andrew is the Office Manager and is just wonderful and very eager to help.  With one call to them, you are usually guaranteed a return call if not immediately, within 20 minutes.
     The office is very large and has plenty of computers, a fast scanner, fax, copier combo.   There is an in house title and a mortgage company to make your transaction as smooth as possible. 
     I highly recommend Tropic and am proud to be a part of their team!

Do I like Working at Tropic Shores Realty?   I love it. Why?
     When other companies say they have an open door policy to Management it sounds great. The problem is the door is always CLOSED.
At Tropic Shores the door is always OPEN. Jim Tacy Broker Owner and Andrew Hankin, along with their Admin staff are always there to help.
     Plus there is 100% commission, free Websites and virtual tours. I can go on and on. Just give them a call and let them give you all the info. Tell them "Chip" sent you.

It has been several years since I made the change to become affiliated with Jim Tacy at Tropic Shores Realty, and I am very happy with my decision!  Jim has always been available when I need something handled specifically by the broker.  On other matters, Andrew Hankin, the general manager, is an excellent resource.  He has a vast knowledge of our industry and can usually answer any question & he is also very accessible.  Commission requests and other office matters are handled in a timely and professional manner byStacey Schubert and Linda Tacy.  It is a pleasure to be associated with Tropic Shores Realty!  Also, the 100% commission structure is great!!

When I moved to Hernando County from Lake/Sumter County 5 months ago I had done alot of research hunting a good brokerage firm.. 
In my opinion a good brokerage firm needs to consist of:  
1. Broker availability 
2. harmony in the office with other agents 
3.the use of modern technology on the company web site  
4. a Broker that does not compete against me trying to make a living  
5. a manager that is availailable when broker is not and must be supportive to agents and have a real interest  that the agents succeed
When I started my search I was very motivated to find a proper caring firm as I have been in non loving offices and it is not a nice feeling ..
Severly times in a local grocery store I would ask people, "Hey, I'm a Realtor and new to Hernando and needing a home to place my license, who have you heard that is a good office ?? 
When 90% of the people said TSR I knew I was aiming in the right direction .. 
I read Jims verbiage on the home page of TSR many times,  I thought to myself this is someone who really cares about me .. 
Andrew the office manager is always there to give you the right path to go on with any transaction or decision you need help with .. 
I also like the idea that a Title Company, Mortgage Company is 10 steps away so actually I have more then I  expected .. 
So my hat goes off to Jim Tacy, with my 10 years combined RE experince you have built a wonderful full service company,  I am so proud to be a part of TSR  thank-you ... 
1 last idea, when you're happy where you are at, the customer feels that,  money will fall in to place because people like working with happy people ..

When I moved to Spring Hill Florida in November 2006 , I was interviewing several Real Estate Offices.  A friend suggested me to talk to Jim Tacy about working at Tropic Shores Realty. I met Jim and his wife Linda and the Staff and found them to be very professional and personable. I was looking for an office that would give me support when I had questions and be flexible enough for me to work at home. Also, I  looked for a commission structure that was fair. I found Tropic Shores Commission structure very generous and the best in the industry at 100% Commission. They are one of the fastest growing Real Estate offices in Hernando County..  I found Tropic Shores Realty to be a good fit for me and I joined in January 2007. It is a pleasure to work for this office.
If you are looking for a Real Estate Office and are looking for  Flexibility to build your own business with a  great commission structure,  I  highly recommend  Tropic Shores Realty. Feel free to email me & I would be happy to answer any questions you may have.    
To Your Success!  

How do I love Tropic Shores?  Let me count the ways!
  1)  Our broker, Jim Tacy, and the management staff are always available and have an open door policy.
  2)  Floor time is not mandatory and there are no quotas to meet.
  3)  You work at your own pace-no one is pushing you to do more than you can handle.
  4)  There are plenty of computers, meeting rooms and other office equipment for your use on a daily basis.
  5)  You receive your paycheck immediately after closing.
  6)  The commission structure is fair to the realtor who is doing most of the work.
  7)  There is an in-house mortgage company and title company for the convenience of your buyers and/or sellers.
  8)  The associate realtors are always willing to help you out and give you advice.
I have been a Realtor for 18 years and this is by far the best company to work for.
Realtor Associate

I have been a Florida real estate agent for 37 years. In recent years I wanted the comfort of working under a broker who would take care of all the agency issues and leave me to operate as a lone wolf broker associate. I just want to make sales commissions. I get the best commission deal with Tropic Shores plan and all reporting of activities is done by computer. I go months without visiting their office. It is a great deal.  


I have been a real estate agent since Sept. 1996. I worked as a C-21 agent for 12 of those years. I have been a top producer and in the multi-million dollar club for most of those years, presented with the Ruby, Emerald, Diamond and Centurion awards. I was at the top of the commission split of 25% / 75%. This included partial advertising and office supplies.

          In Oct. 2007 I joined Tropic Shores Realty and LOVE it!! With 100% of the commission, I can pay for advertising and office supplies for a year with the difference in one commissions earned. Even if I only have one closing in a month, only $279 is deducted from the commission check. Broker Jim Tacy has it set up where we can get paid directly from the title agent. I am extremely impressed with Jim as he continues to come up with marketing techniques on OUR Tropic Shores website which takes my listings and puts them out on over 900 sites. A computer guru I am NOT but thankfully Jim Tacy is!  I just want to give Jim & Linda Tacy a big hug for starting Tropic Shores. There is ALWAYS an answer for any question either from Jim, or the office manager Andrew who is equally awesome. Every staff member including Tropic Title and Direct Lending Group is always helpful with questions or concerns. I am here for the rest of my career and recommend any realtor to do the same.

Cathy Sickler


To really appreciate Tropic Shores Realty one must have had to work for one of the National Real Estate Companies first. When I started in real estate there was no Tropic Shores so I had to join a big name, big reputation, big fees, big cuts out of my commission, and a truly sterile corporate atmosphere.

One of my compatriots left this company and went to Tropic Shores and when I saw him he was as giddy as a kid! It's wonderful, it's great, they don't have their hand it your pocket all the time and they're nice people.
With such an outstanding endorsement I had to see for myself.  I met Jim and the rest is history.  Best career move I every made!!

I had never worked at an office that was so pleasurable. We have no weekly or monthly meetings, but are always kept informed by Email. I've worked for Tropic Shores Realty for almost 8 years and it is the best real estate office I've ever worked for. No pressure from broker or staff. Our Broker, Jim Tacy, has never had to get back to me on anything I ask of him. My issues are resolved on the spot! I've never had a Broker who was so easy to access, either in person, by phone or email. He's great!

The Tropic Shores Realty personnel consists of our Manager, Andrew Hankin, who is always available to help with our questions and help with difficult transactions such as H.U.D. contracts. Linda Tacy, Jim's wife takes care of our rental department and is excellent at what she does. Stacy, takes care of all financial matters promptly, like getting paid immediately after closing!

The atmosphere in our offices is always congenial. Our office is a place where you can feel comfortable and a good place to mingle with the agents who are there. Everyone is friendly. There is always someone there to help you through the rough spots. There are all ways enough computers to log into. No waiting. Floor time is available. The agents run our floor time. We vote on the rules so it is fair to everyone. Most of us work out of homes and only come into the office to do floor or turn in paper work to get paid.

I've saved the best for last! Our commission structure. I've never be able to make as much income from every closing as I do at Tropic Shores. Why give a broker 30%to 50% for every commission when you can pay a minuscule part of the old commission structure.
I"m so spoiled I'd never work for anyone else. Put that money in your pocket instead of sharing it with your broker. You'll love it!

Well, just by reading the above you can tell I'm a satisfied agent. If you want to increase your commissions, come join us, you'll love it!
Maria Lorenzo

I have worked at Tropic Shores Realty for nine years.  From day one Jim Tacy ensured that I had access to the most up to date information needed to help me succeed.  I remember meeting with Jim for the very first time and him asking what was most important to me at that time.  I stated knowing and having a complete understanding of all the contracts we utilize.  Within a week Jim hired a local instructor to hold multiple contract classes for our office.   My first weekend showing homes following those classes two contracts were executed with complete confidence and made it to successful closings.
 After that Jim felt it necessary to arm his agents with a Real Estate Coach, the coach did an excellent job of teaching time management skills as well as many useful pointers for succeeding as an independent contractor.  As our market changed, so did Jim. Example being, when the market began to explode with Short Sales Jim hired one of the best local Real Estate attorney's in our area to come to our office and educate our agents with the most up to date legalities and practices available at that time.  Through out the years we have had many classes on web design and Internet marketing.
 As Tropic Shores Realty began to grow Jim felt the need to hire Andrew Hankin as the General Manager.  I have never walked into our office without having Andrew available to discuss the latest trends and legal issues.  In my personal opinion, Andrew's broad knowledge is overwhelming.  He goes above and beyond his call of duty to solve problems while maintaining a calm cool nature.  If you have an issue, you will definitely want Andrew in your corner.
  In the years that I have been with Tropic Shores Realty, I have never called Jim or Andrew without speaking to either one of them immediately or very shortly thereafter.  In addition to the Broker and Manager, we have Bruce Dodge with Direct Lending Group.  Bruce has handled a great deal of my buyers and has never let me down.  Even with the most difficult of loans he has been able to think fast, switch gears and find the best product to service the customer.  With communication being one of the most difficult hurdles in this business, Bruce has had the highest level of response time to all my needs whether it be email, text of a quick phone call.  I am always kept up to speed on the loan timeframe.  I make it part of my business practice to always provide the listing agents I work with complete access to the entire loan process from day one and Bruce has always treated them as he treats me, with respect.  If it weren't for Bruce I feel some of my first time home buyers would never have had their first home since he provides top notch counseling and credit repair advice to help prepare them for their first major purchase.  I am guessing by now those reading this would be thinking, "Hey, she hasn't even mentioned pay structure" Yes, of course getting paid is the reward for all our hard work and our commission structure is second to none.  But I must point out that without tremendous support in my above statements there would not be a commission earned.  I live by the mantra 'Knowledge is Power' and at Tropic Shores Realty you will gain knowledge as well as have an excellent support staff.  I have never walked into our office without there being a buzz of agents working and sharing their general knowledge and experiences.  We are all in this industry together and therefore we try to stick together and help one another sharpen our skills.
  Another major benefit that I find fulfilling is the ability to work at a high rate of speed while multitasking, which is an every day occurrence for me.  Nowadays it seems that I practice Forensic Real Estate, which is extremely time consuming, however, I bounce into the office, jump onto one of the MANY computer stations and work at a high rate of speed,  then jump over to our fabulous copier/scanner and VUALA-- done!  With my hectic schedule this is one of the biggest peace of mind benefits.  I do not ever have to worry if my home office is having an issue, I know I always can run to the office and complete any task at hand.
  In closing I do not want to leave out the remainder of the support staff being Linda Tacy and Stacy Schubert, these ladies always are lovely and highly professional.  In fact, I am not sure I know the last time Stacey was not in the office! And Mrs. Broker, what can I say...  With an extremely busy schedule herself, she always finds the time to interact, and is by far one of the most thoughtful individuals that I am proud to know.  As you can tell by now, I am proud to be apart of the Tropic Shores Realty Family. Please feel free to contact me anytime if you have any questions about joining our office.  We'd love to have you!
Tropic Shores Realty

I am so humbled to be able to brag on Tropic Shores Realty, Jim and Linda Tacy the owners, Andrew Hankin the office manager and Stacey, who always very promptly pays your commissions.
Me and my husband have been with Tropic Shores since Jim first opened the office on Spring Hill Dr in 2005.What attracted us is of course the 100% commission and the freedom to be creative with our business and have no pressure to produce. The one thing I want to emphasize is the consistency of the $69 office fee and $239 transaction fee for the first closing of the month. With the economy the way it is everything else has been going up. You can even get leads doing floortime or blogging on the Co. website for a small 25% referral fee to Tropic Shores, if that is the case there is no transaction fee. Jim gives you a website for free and you can do virtual tours for free. As you can see we are very happy here, where all our needs are being met and the support is outstanding.

I just wanted to blog a bit about Tropic Shores Realty. There are many real estate companies and they promise agents many things but Tropic Shores delivers the goods to all of its agents, the office staff is friendly and has answers for any problems that might arise in either listing or selling properties. We are offered an up to date website that is constantly being upgraded to keep our listings foremost on all search engines which as you know is important and just great for all, but especially the new agents. I have gotten many calls due to my listings on this professional and modern website.
Our broker Jim Tacy and his office manager Andrew Hankin are always willing to help all of us at any time which is invaluable when you have problems that need solving.
 Tropic Shores business plan is just great for the experienced realtor or novice agent it allows you to keep more of your commission than other companies while still giving us all the tools to become efficient realtors who are able to service clients in a way that make those clients refer our agents to family and friends because of the professionalism of our company.
Thank You Tropic Shores Realty.