Nudist Real Estate
May 18, 2010

If youre the kind of fellow willing to give someone the shirt off your back, then nudist real estate may be ideal for you! While you may not realize it, nudist communities are growing when other types of markets seem to be shrinking. This may be due, in part, to the shift in awareness toward more natural, holistic approaches to life including shedding our trappings. If youre thinking that seeking nudist property might be in your future, then read on!

The Raw Deal Whats out There?

Generally there are two types of real estate focused on the nudist niche. One would be a condominium, and the other would be homes in a small, specifically-zoned community. Currently nudist condos seem very popular because they offer private grounds where its highly unlikely that youll surprise anyone. Communities also have perks, but typically get set up a bit off the beaten track so as not to attract any unwanted observers.

The Naked Market:

Clothing optional resorts have been around for many years in places as diverse as Las Vegas and Jamaica. Theyve proven financially successful because they serve a distinct market apes who dont want tan lines and those who want to enjoy life without cloth encumbrances. People who feel a little uncomfortable in their own skin might actually find this lifestyle very liberating. Here theres no dressing for success, no fashion faux pas, no hours dressing for parties skin is just skin, and other people living here have flaws just like you! Its this element of nudist living that likely inspired the natural transition from clothing optional resorts to nudist condos and residential communities.

Grin and Bare it!

As mentioned, there are a lot of different places where you can begin to loose your stress with your clothing, but Florida in particular has some of the largest areas set aside for nudist living. Look to Caliente and Paradise, or Lake Como for starters. Theres also Lutz and Land O Lakes, Florida. In all these areas you can look to buy for yourself as a living space or vacation home, or look at it as a potential investment property that you can rent to other freethinking individuals.

House Hunting from Afar The Skinny

Depending on where you live a naturalist / nudist community may not be exactly around the corner. That means you need resources that can help you find nudist living options. Thankfully there are several national (and international) groups who offer those resources be it for recreation or so you can locate potential properties. As you locate these groups or real estate agents who specialize in clothing optional properties, try to work with an agency that has virtual tours. You can enjoy in the comfort and privacy of your current home. Better still, the tour reduces the cost of travel so you schedule ONE trip after isolating several properties and set up a firm schedule for viewing.

There is one organization that seems to be offering this service and getting good feedback namely Zizzit.

Exposing the myths:

There was a time when going to a nudist resort might have been stigmatized. IT's easy to get the wrong idea sometimes about getting rid of the outter wear. At clothing optional resorts, and in nudist condos or communities there are simple, common sense rules about respectfulness. Once everyone is naked you stop noticing it! Its like everyone wearing the same school uniform!

So if youre reaching for the hair remover, and looking forward to wandering your property in the skin your in take a look at how much (or perhaps more accurately how little) nudist real estate has to offer.